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JERUAN 8 '' görüntülü kapı telefonu zil İnterkom sistemi ev erişim kontrol sistemi RFID görüntülü recoreding + çıkış düğmesi

JERUAN 8 &39;&39; görüntülü kapı telefonu zil İnterkom sistemi ev erişim kontrol sistemi RFID görüntülü recoreding + çıkış düğmesi

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JERUAN 8 inch video door phone doorbell intercom system video recording photo taking video doorphone speaker intercom   8inch color TFT LCD screen ,low power consumption without radiation ,real wide display wish high resolution. How to handle a situation when someone (a stranger) is knocking on your door ? It happens to all of us, sometimes regularly depending on the neighborhood. But if we hear an unexpected knock on your front door. The question is, what should we do ? Normally, we will do below things : 1. Open the door directly (It is not the best idea if you do not know who is outside. Obviously if you know it is the trusted person, then you can.) 2. Look out the door's window (if it has one) first to see who is knocking, if you don't recognize the person, you could ask through the door who they are and what they want. But the main thing is, it's best to look first, before blindly opening the door. 3. Ignore the knock on the door : If you are a woman(or child, older) at home alone, you may ignore the knock on the door. But if the stranger is a burglar – that person may go ahead and break-in if they think no-one is home. By making some noise or turning on a light, the stranger will know someone is home. On the other hand the person may continue to knock hoping to get your attention. Now, the extremely effective and simple way is using our video door phone intercom speaker system. Descriptions The item you are watching is our new arrival video door phone system. The monitor is equipped with 8" high resolution color screen and the camera is 700 TVL, which will enable you to see clearly who is at the door. The camera mounted at the outside of the door allows you to talk outside and the people at outside can also talk to you. This 2-way communication is an inexpensive and effective way to talk with the stranger at the door without actually opening the door. You will experience great benefit from this video door phone system. Besides, both of the outdoor unit and indoor unit have good appearance and modern design, which can also be used a decoration of your house. It is a good choice for your home security and intercom.     Product Features : 1.8 inch color TFT digital LCD screen,low power consumption without rediation real widedisplay with high resolution 2.Hands-free talkhack funtion 3.Electronic control lock function 4.Outdoor monitioring function 5.Indoor mutual talkback funtion 6.Voiding disturbing during rest time function 7.Photo/Recording : The unit is with build in 2 M memory(can store 50pcs photos),also you can insert external memory card into the system for photo/recording,It will photo automatically and make a 15 S video once the visitor pressing the outdoor camera call bottom.if the memory is full,The new file will overwrite the earlier file automatically(Note : the item should be installed with TF card in advance) 8.Brighness,color and sound volume of indoor phone can be adjusted 9.Indoor phone has thin design,aluminum deck or top grad Acrylic panel electroplating buttoms;all of this makes its luxurious high-quality decorative style 10.There are 24 pieces beautiful chord music ringtone can be chosen 11.outdoor station is exquisite and durable;it has function of viewing at night by infrared.The embedded istalltion makes it nice and safe 12.The available distance is 200 M to connect the connection wire;it will not affect the picture it shows and talkback 13.Complete accessories are attached.users can install the machine by themseves according to the“Operation instruction".they also enjoy the happiness which is from the installation     Indoor Unit Specification : Screen size : 8inches 4 : 3display) Resolution digital : 800(RGB)*600 Visiua angle : up 50 degree,down 70 degree,left right 70 degree Brightness : 250cd/ Ringtone : chorded polyphonic ringtone sensitivity : 56 DB Overall power consumption : ≤6 W  400m A Stand by power consumption : 1.

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Sensör boyutu( inç):
Model Numarası:
iletişim arayüzü:
samrt ev arayüzü:
erişim kontrolü:
endüktif kart
cevap modu:
Eller- ücretsiz
ip kamera arayüzü:
Marka Adı:
interkom sistemi
kamera sensörü tipi:
Görüş açısı( °):
DC 15V
kapı zili:
kiti yapılandırma:
1-1 video Diyafon
duvara montaj
bağlantı yöntemi:
ekran türü:
su geçirmez:
bölge giriş:
Tamper alarm
Ekran boyutu( inç):
8 inch
700 line

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